4 Things To Consider About Your Garage Door

Residential-Garage-Doors-2-150x150Looking to get a new garage door? It doesn’t need to be a difficult process with our help! Just make sure you follow of our 4 best practices steps to finding the garage door that can best satisfy all of your needs. Is it made spatially for you? How much space will the garage door take up? More importantly, how much are you willing to spend on the real estate that comes with the garage? Be sure that the garage door doesn’t take up too much space itself. If it does, it could cause you to lose some valued storage/wiggle room or worse yet, no longer be able to fit your car inside at all! Typically try to stay away from hinged inward-opening garage doors. They may save you a little initially but end up robbing you of valuable space. Stick with standard sectional overhead design—they operate at the top of the garage where no space is being used. Let there be light! Keep in mind that a garage door is not just a door—it is also a room of the house where people regularly walk in and out of. As such it will need proper lighting. I’m not talking about a tacky bare light bulb you need to change out regularly with a pull string you need to stumble around in the dark for; I’m talking about windows! Add some windows to your garage door and let some natural light flood into the space. It makes it a much more pleasant an comfortable place to be and keeps your garage from becoming a dank and dingy room—not to mention it may save you a trip to the hospital by allowing you to see that skateboard right beneath your step! Think of the children…and your car! I cannot emphasize this enough–Make sure you only employ the services of trust-worthy professionals with proven expertise to install you garage door! It may sound crazy, but there many serious injuries that can occur from faulty garage door installation. Children in particular are likely to fall victim to serious injury from garage door malfunctions due to improper installation. And let’s not forget about damages that could occur to your vehicle if a garage door falls down on the windshield as you are backing out! Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to finding the right people to install your garage doors! Lock it down Security. Security. Security. Your garage door is still in fact a door and a very real entry point to your home and should be as secured as much if not more than any other entrance into your home. If you are installing a remote-controlled set of automatic garage doors, you need to be sure that the security mechanisms in the remote control are at least as reliable as the physical bolts protecting your front door. The security of electronic devices is an area where it is notoriously easy to be hoodwinked by impressive-sounding jargon, so I would advise you against trying to understand the ins and outs of the system yourself. Instead come see how we at A&A with our proven expertise and customer service can help you out!

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