Different Types Of Commercial Entry Doors

Commercial-Entry-Doors1Every business has a front door, but what about commercial entry doors? There are many different types of commercial entry doors to match all types of architecture. In fact, if you can imagine the styles and different decors there are out there. It’s important that the entry doors match the overall style of the business. For example, there are common wood doors, industrial steel entry doors, commercial fiberglass doors, stylish wrought iron and of course, aluminum doors. While the traditional commercial entry door is often made out of hardwood or some combination of wood and glass, a lot of more modern businesses use doors made out of fiberglass. In fact, many businesses are going with floor-to-ceiling length doors that are ideal for malls, street side shops, restaurants or other commercial establishments. Many industrial businesses use steel doors for security reasons although aluminum commercial entry doors are also very popular because they are less expensive than steel entry doors and are more rust resistant. Finally, there is the wrought iron entry door, which, aside from its sturdy build, is sure to add to the appeal of any house or business. Wrought iron entry doors are also widely used in the production of security gates for both commercial as well as residential applications. Obviously, whatever commercial entry door the business owner selects will have to meet the building specifications and codes. All types of commercial entry doors are affected by the weather and the change of seasons. Wind, rain, snow, sunlight, cold and hot climate alike contribute to the aging process of wood and the rusting of metal. It is unfortunate in the case of a wrought iron door as this type in particular is expensive and costly to replace compared to the average door. This is just something to take into consideration when deciding what type of commercial door is right for your business. Advancement in modern practices and technology have made it possible to protect these doors from the elements. While the quality of material used for each door is still the basis for its durability, innovations in wood finish, polish, and even in paint itself has enabled such substances to protect wood and metal better. Techniques within the craft of wood paneling and metal forging have also developed as to allow for material flexibility under a wider spectrum of weather and climate conditions. Anyone who is looking to buy and install an entry door should keep a few things in mind first, and foremost: architectural style. Houses, buildings, storefronts and the like would look better if every component on both the inside and the outside match up. Choose a style of entry door that complements the façade and the interior alike. More important than appearance, however, is quality. Consult with a trusted and respected contractor like the ones at Atlanta Door Company. Not all types of entry doors are suitable for a particular home or establishment. Seek the contractor’s guidance as to which type and build of wooden, glass, steel, aluminum, or wrought iron entry door is suitable for the structure at hand.   Atlanta Door Company has been helping business and homeowners around Atlanta make decisions about their commercial entry doors, garage doors and more for the past 26 years. Call them today for a free consultation about which commercial entry door is right for you.

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