Top 4 Things You Should Think About When Buying Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial-Garage-DoorsMost people don’t do a lot of research when buying a commercial or residential garage door. When it comes to buying a residential garage door, most people just buy whatever the seller recommends since the purchase is made right after some sort of accident. And, business owners don’t put much thought into the garage door purchase since most just think about whether or not the door goes up and down correctly. But, that’s not to say a business owner shouldn’t do some homework before the big purchase. Toward that end, we thought we’d put this list together to help out since buying a commercial garage door is just as important as any other purchasing decision, and let’s face it, there’s just not a lot of helpful resources out there. So, here’s what our experience has taught us after 26 years in the garage door business. We think a business owner needs to think about these things when buying a commercial garage door:
  1. Usage. It may seem obvious, but a lot of business owners don’t consider how active their garage doors are when buying new ones. If your doors are going up and down all day every day, then you’re going to need sturdy, tough doors. Cutting corners with that kind of usage will end up costing you more in the not so distant future when your “not-so-sturdy-but-less-expensive” doors start wearing out.
  2. Look. We know commercial garage doors come in all shapes (if rectangular is the shape you need), but there are a variety of looks to consider. It’s important to match your commercial garage door to the look and feel of your business. Some vendors like Wayne Dalton commercial garage doors have 12 design options, 10 window patterns, and 15 color to choose from, so variety is not a problem.
  3. Security. It’s just a fact- some garage doors are better than others for keeping the unwanted out. Most bad guys don’t really see a commercial garage door as an open invitation exactly, but it really all boils down to what’s behind the garage door that matters. If your business has significant assets that are worth stealing, then you definitely want to think about something more sturdy when selecting your next commercial garage door.
  4. Finish. This ties in to the look and feel of your commercial garage door. Obviously, a lot depends upon the type of business you have. Wood finished commercial garage doors need to be refinished periodically to maintain their look whereas steel garage doors will maintain their finish much longer. Fiberglass commercial garage doors look nice, resist moisture better, don’t warp and are relatively stable, but single layer fiberglass garage doors can be brittle.
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