Falcon Dor-o-matic 1990EO 44" Concealed Vertical Rod Cross Bar

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Falcon Dor-o-matic 1990EO Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device

The Doromatic 1990 Panic Device has a long history of reliable performance.  Although it is now called the Falcon 1990, they are the same device.  This device is non handed, meaning it can go on left hand or right hand door.  The standard included 41" crossbar will work on doors up 3'8" wide, and the stardard rods will work on a 7' door.  It is equipped with hardened steel latches and adjustable strike to ensure safety, security and quiet operation.  The package includes all of the mounting screws and strikes.

  • Can be undercut for use on minimum 2'0 wide door and up to 44"
  • For use on door up to 7'0 tall 
  • Field Reversible Non-Handed 
  • Hex dogging standard

  • Hand: Field reversible, non handed
  • Finishes: P28-Aluminum & P13-Dark Bronze 
  • Strikes: PB48 top
  • Latches: Hex bottom latch (standard)
  • Dogging Feature: Hex dogging standard
  • Sizes: Field adjustable width, 41" crossbar standard fits 3' 8" x 7' door, extra length cross bar available
  • Doors: 1 3/4" thick metal doors
  • Projections: 4 3/8" extended, 2 1/2" depressed
  • Stile: 1 3/4" minimum
  • Fasteners: All mounting screws are concealed
  • ANSI: Certified ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 standards
  • Vertical Rods: 7' standard, extension rod kits available up to 10'