The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that certain buildings and spaces provide ease of accessibility for people with disabilities or physical limitations.

We proudly offer a wide variety of ADA approved products from top manufacturers to meet all of your code compliance and ease of access requirements.
A&A can provide you with unique solutions to get your building within ADA requirements for industrial, commercial and healthcare facilities.
We also offer free on-site estimates.
Call today to find the solution that fits best for you.

Demo photo of a set of ADA compliant automatic double doors

ADA Compliant Hardware

A&A has many different options to convert your existing doorway to an ADA compliant doorway. These products also meet the ease of egress requirements of many building codes. From single motion levers for storefront doors to signage, we’ve got you covered. Call us to discuss upgrade and conversion hardware for your facility today.

Demo photo of an ADA compliant lever set on a door

ADA Compliant Lever Sets

A&A offers a full line of quality levers from top manufacturers designed to meet or exceed ADA requirements. Levers are easier for persons with disabilities or physical limitations to operate. Levers also meet ease of egress requirements as well. We have many styles and color options available for your facility.

Demo photo of an ADA operator with visual of the automatic door closer on a door

ADA Compliant Automatic Door Closers

A&A offers several choices of motion or push button activated automatic door closers. These closers open and close your doors with a simple push of a button or wave of the hand. Because automatic door closers require a local power source, it’s best to request a free on-site estimate for new installations.

Demo photo of a set of ADA compliant double egress doors with a large closer for the double doors