A & A's expert technicians provide professional and reliable service.

Repair Services
Some of the services we offer include:
Hinge & pivot adjustments and replacement
Door closer repair
Frame repairs
Door repairs
Preventative maintenance
We specialize in custom installations of replacement doors and frames. 

Free Onsite replacement estimates 

If you’re planning to replace a door, one of your primary concerns will certainly involve costs. A & A can send an estimator to your business to evaluate the door opening, discuss the options available and give you a free estimate for the replacement. Our experienced estimators know just what to look for. With no pressure, he’ll help choose the door that is right for you.

Call or Contact Us online to schedule a free onsite estimate!

Aluminum Storefront Doors

Our Storefront Entrance Doors are consistently built to the highest industry standards, ensuring years of reliable service. All doors are available with push/pull hardware, maximum security locks, or a wide variety of custom hardware for specific job requirements. 

Narrow Stile Storefront Entrances

  • Are engineered for moderate traffic in applications such as stores, offices and apartment buildings
  • Vertical stile measures 2-1/8", top rail 2-1/4" and bottom rail 3-7/8"
  • Results in a slim look that meets virtually all construction requirements

Medium Stile Storefront Entrances

  • Provides extra strength for applications such as schools, institutions and other high traffic applications
  • Vertical stiles and top rails measure 3-1/2"
  • Bottom rail measures 6-1/2" for extra durability

Wide Stile Storefront Entrances

  • Creates a monumental visual statement for applications such as banks, libraries and public buildings
  • Vertical stiles and top rail are 5", bottom rail measures 6-1/2"
  • Results in superior strength for buildings experiencing heavy traffic conditions