Battery Powered Push Button Locks

  • In an hour, add a dependable wireless access control keyless door lock, one door at a time
  • Supports 100 to 2000 PIN codes (3-5 or 6 digits); available with optional built-in HID prox readers for use with access ID cards/fobs
  • Multi-level user codes & one-time service codes. Free passage, group- or total lock-out modes, too on Trilogy security locks
  • All keyless entry door locks are fingertip programmable at vandalproof all-metal keypad
  • PC programmable models also feature printable audit trail, auto-lock/unlock scheduling saving guard/manpower costs
  • Long-life battery operation (cylindrical models use 5AA off-the-shelf batteries); low battery alert
  • Weatherproof models  available 

Mechanical Push Button Locks

No batteries required! The Simplex L1000 Series provides exterior access by combination, while allowing free egress. This mechanical lock, with lever option, eliminates the material and labor expense of battery replacements, has a single access-code and is programmed via the keypad without removing the lock from the door. Available with or without emergency key override.

Hardwired Keypad Locks

Electronic locking technology is constantly expanding. Proximity cards, magnetic swipe cards, biometrics and personal identification numbers (PINS) provide access control and audit trails for a growing number of buildings and doors.

Our Access Control technicians listen to your needs, and recommend solutions, from a single, standalone electronic lock, to a complete, networked, access control system.

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