Exit Devices/Panic Bars

A & A’s estimators, locksmiths and hardware sales representatives know building and fire codes and recommend the right products for your application. We sell and service all brands of exit devices and have factory trained technicians that can perform even the most complicated repairs. Give us a call for more information. Some of the brands we carry include:
  • Von Duprin
  • Falcon
  • Arrow
  • Sargent
  • Yale
  • Precision Hardware
  • LSDA
  • Cal Royal
  • Corbin Russwin
  • Adam Rite
Don't touch that exit device! When considering making changes to an exit device, also known as a panic hardware or fire exit hardware, first be sure you understand why it is there and what effect any changes you make will have on code compliance, life safety and security. Life safety codes require the use of exit devices in specific situations, and most codes prohibit the use of any other lock or mechanism on the door that would prevent the use of the device or confuse the user. The primary purpose of an exit device is to protect life safety by providing free egress to occupants of a building or room. These devices are designed for easy use, even in the dark. The independent testing laboratories that test them require that they be relatively easy to operate, so they can be used by small children and physically impaired adults.

No One Knows Safety & Security Better

When security is your top priority, depend on A&A Safe, Lock & Door. We have a full inventory of commercial hardware including levers, exit devices, door closers and much more. We offer the most comprehensive and responsive service service and support available anywhere in the Atlanta area. Because we carry the full line of commercial products, we are able to service and support facility needs ranging from simple repairs to a complete security upgrade. A&A has served Metro Atlanta for over 26 years! We dispatch 15 trucks daily to assure prompt service for residential, government, commercial, institutional & industrial facilities.

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