Trust A&A Safe and Lock

Residential lockouts are one of the most common and frustrating calls we receive. Many times you leave you’re home, you rush out the door, realizing seconds later that your keys have been left in the house. It is easy to pull the door shut without having the key in your hand, purse, or pocket. Our master locksmiths are reliable at solving these and similar issues. With over 25 years of   experience A&A is the one to call.

A&A Safe & Lock highly recommends to change your locks and keys when moving to a new house. The possibility of one of the previous owners or real estate agents may have current keys to your home. If the locks on your doors appear to be in  good shape and work properly, then the best thing to do is to rekey your locks,  this includes changing the pins in the cylinder of the lock and getting yourself  a new key. Our home locksmith of Riverdale will promptly come to your home. We take care of everything for you to ensure that you don’t have any other problems with your doors or locks.

Our certified locksmith can repair or upgrade already existing locks, install new hardware, and place locks on any doors,  and even make new keys for any locks in your home. Our reputation is based on over 25 years of commitment to our customers. A&A Safe & Lock is the only company to call when faced with any issues concerning your residential locks.  We provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to our existing customers in Riverdale. Give us a call today 404-361-8360.

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