Why Choose A&A?

No One Knows Safety & Security Better!

A&A has been selling, servicing, and installing residential doors for more than 30 years. We have proudly served Metro Atlanta since 1987 with two store locations and a fleet of technicians. We have three generations worth of tools and knowledge to apply to every job, so you can be confident that we will provide professional results, every time. We strive to be Atlanta’s go-to source for residential door sales and service.

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Break-In Repairs

A&A technicians can service and repair existing doors that have been damaged by break-ins, kick-ins or vandalism. We can repair or replace broken locks, doors, frames, hinges and hardware. Caulking and painting services are also available.

Frame Repairs

A&A technicians can repair or replace damaged or warped door frames. Many factors such as heavy use and high precipitation can shorten the life of a door frame. We can replace the entire frame or partial sections of rotten or damaged frames. We can also repair or replace door thresholds.

Adjustments & Hinge Replacement

Sometimes a door can come out of alignment with high traffic or heavy use. A cost effective solution is to adjust the door and repair the sagging hinges so your door operates as it should. All of our door technicians carry special tools to “reset” your hinges and get them properly lubricated. We can get virtually any residential hinge system in a full range of colors and finishes.

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