Antimicrobial Locks

Wave to Operate ADA Operators

A&A offers several “touchless” door systems from BEA Wave to Exit and Norton Touchless Environments that provide ease of egress for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and also prevent the spread of germs. All of our systems come in several finishes and trims, so we’re sure to have a unit that will fit your needs and look good at the same time. Touchless activation of an automatic door can be activated anywhere from 2 to 24 inches away from the door, so this is a convenience for people with their hands full or limited mobility. These systems are perfect for healthcare facilities, clean space environments, industrial facilities as well as commercial and retail applications.

Schlage NDEB Access Control Lock with Bluetooth to Unlock

A&A is proud to offer the newest commercial smart lock system by Schlage, the NDE-B commercial lever lock with built-in Bluetooth capability. This unit can be stand alone with minimal modification or connected to an existing system with the addition of a small sensor above the door. You can also set the function of the lock from passage, entry, storeroom and classroom functions. The Bluetooth capability allows the user to assign mobile credentials to any smartphone or tablet with the proper apps installed. This lock also gives up to 2,000 different audit reports and alerts as desired by the user. Access control is a breeze with this lock. You can limit who has access to what doors you approve, even for specific sets of time, for up to 5,000 users. You also don’t have to keep track of keys or cards with this lock, saving you time and money in the long run. This is a cost effective access control system for healthcare, government, education, commercial and retail spaces.

Rockwood Touchless Pull Handles

A&A carries many “touchless” pull handles that are designed to be pulled by your wrist instead of gripping them with your hands. There are also bottom of the door mounted pulls that can be pulled by your foot. These attractive units are available in a large assortment of styles and finishes, comply with ADA requirements for ease of access and help resist the spread of germs and bacteria.