A&A Safe, Lock & Door offers a full line of ADA automatic operators by LCN, Norton, Nabco and more. 

A&A offers several options and styles of motion or push button activated automatic door operators. These operators open and close your doors with a simple push of a button or wave of the hand. Because automatic door operators require a local power source and specific installation, it’s best to request a free on-site estimate for new installations.

There are two main types of ADA operators. Choosing between them is based on how the door will be used. 

Electrohydraulic Low Energy Operators

These operators incorporate a door closer for smooth reliable door control. These units are used in applications where doors are typically operated manually, but can also be activated via wall switches, motion sensors, etc., for automatic operation.

Electromechanical Low Energy Operators

These operators feature a motor and gearbox for consistent automatic operation. These units are used in applications where automatic mode (activated by wall switches, motion sensors, etc.) is the primary function. 

Hands Free Operation

Using Wave-to-Open switches allows building occupants to easily move through a space without transference of germs or leaving messy fingerprints behind. The highly sensitive programming of the Wave-to-Open Switch picks up hand gestures within four inches, ensuring it triggers operation only when intended.

From bathrooms and building entrances to all sorts of openings throughout grade schools, college campuses, hospitals, and offices, these touch-less door opening solutions provide a healthy means for meeting ADA requirements.

We recommend LCN, Norton and Nabco brand operators for their quality and durability. 

Need help choosing the right ADA operator? Schedule a free onsite estimate and let our experienced and knowledgeable estimators help you find the right ADA system for your property.

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We carry the full line of commercial products and we are able to service and support facility needs ranging from simple repairs to a complete security upgrade.

We’ve been serving metro Atlanta for more than 30 years. We are certified with ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) and registered with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We are licensed and fully insured. We warranty all of our products and services. When security is your top priority, depend on Atlanta’s most trusted locksmiths at A&A.

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    Automatic ADA Operators

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    Automatic ADA Operators

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    Automatic ADA Operators

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    Automatic ADA Operators

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