A&A Safe, Lock & Door can repair or replace all types of commercial wood, metal and aluminum doors and frames. We service and install essentially any commercial entry door whether fire rated interior and exterior entries and exits or storefront doors.

Most commercial doors take a lot of abuse and handle high traffic. Sometimes doors need adjustment and maintenance to continue functioning properly. This can include things that wear out over time like frames, pivots or hinges. Door closers and locks require routine maintenance as well. Other times your door may be beyond repair and needs to be replaced because of deterioration, workplace accidents or break-ins. A&A stocks all of the most common interior and exterior door slabs and we have the highest rated installers and technicians in metro Atlanta. We can fresh install new doorways in existing walls. We can retrofit new doorways on old buildings. We can custom design and build doorways just about anywhere.  Rely on A&A’s skilled and experienced estimators and technicians for all of your commercial door needs. Call us today for more information or to schedule a free on-site estimate!