We sell and service all brands of exit devices and have factory trained technicians that can perform even the most complicated repairs and installations.

A&A’s estimators, locksmiths and hardware sales representatives know building and fire codes and recommend the right products for your application. We sell and service all brands of exit devices and have factory trained technicians that can perform even the most complicated repairs and installations. 

What is an Exit Device?

An Exit Device (also known as a panic bar, crash bar, panic device or a push bar) is a device for unlocking a door during emergency conditions. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward-opening door. When the device is either pushed or depressed, it activates a mechanism which unlatches the door allowing occupants to leave quickly from the building.

Why install an Exit device?

Exit devices are a critical part of the Fire and Life Safety egress system and will provide safe and reliable service when properly applied and maintained. In the event emergency exits are required, the exit device works efficiently to allow people to pass through security doors without a reduction in speed. An exit device’s fast-acting mechanism reduces the risk that a rushing crowd might suddenly become a logjam at the exits. Exit devices often required by federal, state or local municipalities.

Von Duprin Exit Devices

A mainstay in public buildings for decades Von Duprin’s safety products are known for their unparalleled quality and performance. From innovative exit devices to electronic access control solutions and accessories, Von Duprin never compromises when security is at stake. In fact, an independent study of more than 100 commercial facilities across the U.S. documented that Von Duprin exit devices require significantly less maintenance over a 30-year period than any other brand. The quality of Von Duprin’s exit devices provides confidence and peace of mind in critical moments. 

Falcon/Dor-o-Matic Exit Devices

Falcon prides itself on simple, cost-effective products that meet or exceed life safety and building requirements. But beyond this, Falcon has one of the most extensive lines of products in the market, with applications for a variety of security and safety needs. Falcon is the perfect option for customers who are interested in high quality, cost-effective safety. 

Yale Exit Devices

No matter the application, Yale’s range of exit devices is sure to suit your door. In UL/cUL fire-listed functions and a range of aesthetics and finishes, Yale’s exit devices are ready to withstand the rigors of everyday use and abuse.

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