Are your fire doors out of code or out of repair? A&A can help! We carry the full line of wood, metal and glass fire rated doors and fire rated locks and hardware.

Whether you have a fire door that needs repairs or you need a whole new door and hardware, count on A&A to keep you within safety, fire and building code requirements. We carry the full line of fire rated doors including wood, metal and glass versions. These doors are designed to withstand high temperatures, smoke and vapor for various lengths of time. Call us for more information or to schedule a free on-site estimate. 

Smoke and Fire Rated Seals

Smoke and fire seals prevent smoke and heat from seeping through the edges of the doorway and spreading to other areas. Containing a fire to one room reduces the risk to life and damage to property, allowing plenty of time for people to evacuate safely and fire the fire service to arrive to handle the threat. Lots of products go into maintaining this compartmentalisation, but doors are often the weak link.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire rated doors can be either wood or metal slabs with fireproof cores. They can be labeled for various lengths of resistance time ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours. These doors are designed to provide safe egress from a fire and reduce the smoke hazard effects. 

Fire Rated Hardware

We offer fire rated locks, exit devices and door hardware. The locks are designed to withstand high temperatures at various lengths of time to provide ease of egress during an emergency. 

Free Onsite Replacement Estimates

If you’re planning to replace a door, one of your primary concerns will certainly involve costs. A&A can send an estimator to your business to evaluate the door opening, discuss the options available and give you a free estimate for the replacement. Our experienced estimators know just what to look for. With no pressure, he’ll help choose the door that is right for you.

Call or Contact Us online to schedule a free onsite estimate!

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