Mul-T-Lock high security lock solutions offer one of the highest levels of protection and key restriction. These locks are pick and drill resistant and duplicate keys cannot be made by anyone except us.

Your home is where you keep your valuables, from expensive electronics to irreplaceable jewelry. But most importantly, it is a safe haven for you and your family; a place for comfort, relaxation and an ultimate sense of security. Mul-T-Lock high security solutions offer the caliber of protection you deserve. Mul-T-Lock Hercular® High-Security Deadbolt is crafted with the finest materials and backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s a deadbolt made to protect against various attempts of forced entry. Hardened steel inserts are placed in sensitive areas to resist against drilling attempts. Made in Israel, specific parts are reinforced with some of the strongest materials available to resist tampering, bumping, picking, kick-ins and prying. The keys and duplicates are restricted to authorized users only. This means that only people with a picture ID, who you authorize, can get access to your keys.

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